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Let’s get down to business with the funny YouTube gal with that sexy Australian accent.

She’s the quirky, sarcastic and funny girl on YouTube who we think beats Rebecca Black and whose jokes have all technically been relevant in our lives. Based in Sydney, twenty five-year-old Natalie Tran is quite the YouTube sensation as she currently holds the number one title for both the most subscribed YouTuber and most subscribed director of all time in Australia.



Her comedic skills on the Internet have even brought her beyond YouTube such as landing herself a trip around the world to make travel v-logs – sponsored by Lonely Planet – as well as a TV spot on one of Australia’s popular talk shows, The 7PM Project. Gaining global recognition as a public figure, the list of her current achievements is almost endless.



But as personal as she has made her videos to be, who knows what Natalie Tran’s real thoughts are (that is with jokes aside and without sarcasm implemented). So we decided to mix some business and pleasure in our ‘interrogation’ with her.



17: Why or how did you come to make your first YouTube video?


Natalie Tran (NT): I started making YouTube videos about 5 years ago when I read about the LonelyGirl phenomenon in the newspapers. I was curious about this site I had never heard of, logged on and discovered a small, exciting, interactive community. After many disgusting days of eating chips and watching videos, I decided to reply to a v-logger’s video. Because I wasn’t so crash hot at video editing, that video had no sound… which probably wasn’t a bad thing, though.

The video that started it all – though we don’t really get it.



17: Where do you get ideas for your videos?


NT: Everyday life always provides amazing little moments of awkwardness and these are the moments I try to portray in videos.




17: When did you realize that you had become a star on YouTube?


NT: To be honest, I’m not sure if the words ‘star’ is the right word to use on a website like YouTube. It very much feels like a community-based site and I consider people who view, comment, or come up to me and say hi on the streets as friends. I’m just fortunate that as the site has grown, so has the number of my YouTube friends.




17: What are some of the challenges you face as a YouTuber? Have there been any anti-fans?


NT: There are always people on the Internet who are going to take advantage of the anonymity of the space and use it to be negative but at the end of the day, the good always outweighs the bad so it’s always seemed a waste of time to focus on any ‘anti-fans’ or ‘haters’ etc. The only challenge as a YouTuber is making consistent content that I’m happy to share.



17: If you weren’t making videos, what would you be doing now?


NT: If I weren’t making videos on YouTube, I’d probably be making content anyway. Losers like myself have a lot of time to spare!



–by Rachel Au


Photos: Courtesy of Natalie Tran and her Twitter/Facebook


Want more Natalie Tran’s humour? Then, subscribe (if you haven’t already) to her YouTube channel, stalk her on Twitter or be her fan on Facebook.

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