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There are various items a girl should always own in her wardrobe: the Little Black Dress, the Little Black Pumps and a pair of jeans. But unlike the LBD and LBP, finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy task. So when you do get your hands on your dream pair, maintaining it the right way will probably be less of a hassle as compared to trying on a hundred pairs to find the right one (again). You certainly don’t want that perfect pair to fade in the wash, shrink or  shred, would you? Here is an easy 101 guide on how to care for your jeans along with some of the coolest pairs we’ve found in the malls for you.


1. DON’T wash it


It may sound crazy but it’s definitely not a myth. Levi Strauss & Co’s Director of Brand Concepts Carl Chiara has shared that you should put your denims in the washing machine every six months only. The longer you wear them between washes, the better it will conform to your body shape.


2. DO hang it in the shower


If you’re worrying about the crease and smell of a week-old pair (much less six months), the trick is to hang it in the bathroom to steam it while you’re taking a hot shower. However, in cases of a stain, use a mild stain remover and a damp sponge.


3. DON’T soak it


Unless you’re wishing for an acid washed pair, soaking it is going to cause the indigo dye to run and make your jeans fade even faster than it should.


4. DO use cold water


Here’s another good tip if you don’t want your jeans to look like it’s gone through ten centuries. Also, be sure to use a mild detergent – although, not using soap at all should also be sufficient to make it clean without wearing out the fabric.


5. DON’T wash more than 3 pairs at once


Real denim is usually pretty heavy so when you put too many in the same wash, they’ll tend to rub against one another instead of being properly washed.


6. DO wash inside out


The number one rule when it comes to washing your jeans, turning them inside out not only helps prevent bleeding but it also prevents unwanted crinkles from the machine.


7. DON’T dry under the sun


At least not directly under the hot sun. Hang them in the shade to avoid fading and to keep the colours vibrant.


8. DO iron it when slightly damp


Taking in the clothes when it’s not dry is usually a huge no-no but for jeans, it’s a-okay to bring them in when it’s still slightly damp and thus proceed to the ironing stage. Just be sure to avoid setting the temperature too high. However, you can also spritz some water on it while ironing if your jeans has already dried.


9. DON’T fold


Last but not least, if you want to keep the fit and natural shape of your jeans, then it’s best to hang them instead of folding them.


For more and all things on jeans, be sure to check out the August issue of Seventeen Magazine Malaysia!


by Rachel Au;

Source: Jeanswest, Shine on Yahoo



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